Meet unique,
the world’s thinnest
latex-free condom

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Maximum Pleasure

Maximum Pleasure

One third of thickness of other condoms, Unique are the thinnest condoms in the world. They are also odorless and transparent. It feels like you are not wearing anything at all.

Super Safe

Super Safe

Worry less with Unique. Unique is made with a polyethylene synthetic resin. The condom is latex-free, hypoallergenic and vegan. It is three times stronger than standard latex thus reducing the chances of breakage.



The right fit matters. Unique comes with three sizes to accommodate different body types: regular / larger fit, longer fit, and slender fit.



Unique comes discreetly packaged with 3 condoms in a credit card size format. Safely carry 3 condoms in one package in your wallet or purse.

What's New

New Packaging

In response to a number of customer comments, we completely redesigned our packaging, so the package is smaller, lighter and more environmentally correct.

We were able to eliminate a significant amount of plastic and weight so there is less shipping weight and less waste in general.

Unique is Thinner

All Unique products are now a thickness of .008. Average latex is .08 which translates to Unique being on average 10 times thinner than latex.

Unique Press

See how Unique was rated against the top luxury condom brands.

We Put the Best Luxury Condoms to the (Horny) Test


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Unique Plus XXL 3 Pack


Unique Pull 3 Pack

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