About Us

Unique was invented by a man named Don Max. Don Max was a bit of a “Don Juan” who believed in safe sex. But Don Max, like most of us, hated tradition latex condoms. To make matters even worse Don Max was latex allergic ( yes even Don Juan’s get latex allergies ). Finding non latex condom solutions in the early 1990’s were few and far between so Don Max , being an inventor, set out to make his own condom. The idea was to reinvent the condom from head to toe. Not only was he going to build a better condom but one that was non-latex, stronger, thinner and easier to carry.

The quest began with the material. He began experimenting with different types of plastic films, forming them into condom shapes and testing them on machines designed to measure bursting, tensile and friction pressure. He reasoned that the material had to be thin enough to conduct heat so the experience would be as close to a natural sensation as possible, but strong enough to protect. After a years of testing, what was born was a synthetic resin called AT-10. AT-10 tested to be up to three times stronger than latex but was one third the thickness.

Many years in development and testing, Unique 1.0 (now 5.0 ), was invented. In the process, Unique has received five patents and government health agency approvals from Anvisa (Brazil),European Union (Germany,Spain,United Kingdom) Health Canada and Invima (Colombia).

Unique is now the first and only high performance, high quality condom available on the market today. You won’t find Unique in the superstores or big drug store chains because, we are not high volume, low/middle quality producers. We produce small quantities of the best performing condom in the world.

Unique is not designed or targeted to the teenager market. Unique is for adults who know a thing or two about sex and want protection with a better sexual experience. Try Unique, then retry latex and you will never go back to latex or mass produced condoms again!

Many people ask why Unique is made in Colombia and the answer is simple, because thats where Don Max lives. And yes, he still personally field tests each batch.