Unique Condoms

Unique is made from a polyethylene synthetic resin. The material is, clear, odorless, hypoallergenic and free of natural or synthetic latex.

Unique is compatible with all types of personal lubricants, including silicone and all oils.

On our Unique Pull model there is a light dusting of corn starch to make it unroll smoother. There is no corn starch on our other condom models.

Lubrication on our condoms

The lubricant on Unique condoms is silicone. It is a regulatory approved 100% silicone formula .

It contains no sugar, glycerin, glycols, hormones, parabens or formaldehyde -releasing preservatives.

It has a neutral PH and does not interfere with a woman’s natural PH.

Silicone Lubrication Ingredients




Phenyl Trimethicone